Ju et Pa is a French company specialized in the sale of competition jackets and riding clothes.

Our wish is to offer you an elegant and technical product.

That's why we work with renowned designers, who make our Ju and Pa products innovative models on the market.

We are the only ones to offer you this original combination of colour, cut and material.

We always keep in mind the constant search for sporting performance.

Ju et Pa has therefore chosen for you the most modern fabrics, Softshell type, to accompany you in all climatological situations.

Our fabrics are breathable, water-repellent and protect you from the cold.

All our jackets are manufactured in France, near Lyon, and each assembly step is carefully controlled by our quality department.

Ju and Pa creations are made with love.

We put all our heart and energy into offering you the best creations possible. We attach the greatest importance to a number of values in the manufacture of our products.

To order a Ju et Pa piece is to offer oneself beautiful workshops, sophisticated raw materials, while respecting each contributor.

Where are our creations made?

We look for the know-how and we export ourselves with joy to all continents as long as the human conditions and the quality level respect our requirements. Most of the pieces, especially all the competition jackets, are made in France for practical and human reasons.

It is necessary to distinguish the supply of raw materials (fabrics, leather...) from the manufacture of the product, which are rarely of the same origin. The fabrics come almost systematically from Europe, the leathers from France, Italy or Portugal, the workshops are in Portugal, France, Poland, China, Spain, Morocco, India... Each country abounds in wealth, talent and skills. As with everything in life, everything is never all white or all black: a good workman, pretty fabrics, good working conditions, it is chosen and it has a price, wherever it is.

The quality

Quality is an obsession at Ju and Pa, to grow with you. A team is dedicated to it and devotes all its energy to it. All necessary tests are carried out in the laboratory (and under real conditions) to design the most robust parts possible.

Despite all our best determination, a mistake can always happen. If this happens, and despite all the care taken in the design of the products, know that we will refund you immediately and will always take the necessary actions to ensure that it does not happen again.